Palette of Threads: Original Christmas Tees

Did you know that holiday graphic tees for women are a great way to keep up with current styles all season long? Whether you're looking for something festive to wear at the office or want to show off your Christmas spirit, Palette of Threads has you covered.

Our original Christmas graphic tees and Christmas graphic sweatshirts feature bright, eye-catching designs that will turn heads and show off your holiday cheer. From classic striped Christmas graphic tees to graphic sweatshirts featuring snowflakes and festive lettering, you'll surely find something in our holiday pieces. Not only are these stylish tees comfortable, but they also offer a trendy look for any occasion.


We Just Launched Our "Christmas Favorite" Tees!!! - Preorder now!

Whenever the festive season rolls around, it's time to break the Christmas spirit in full motion and get excited. That's why this year, Palette of Threads is excited to announce our new collection of holiday graphic tees for women called "Christmas Favorite." With holiday stripes and snowflakes, you can find something perfect for every occasion - fun or formal.

PINE As Hell:

This season, show your Christmas spirit with some of our fun and playful print designs. Our PINE As Hell Tee features an eye-catching design perfect for everyday wear or even a festive party.

Festive AF Ornament Pullover:

The perfect way to add some sparkle and shine to your look this season! Our Festive AF Ornament Pullover features a unique design that will show off that Christmas spirit of yours.


Bring some retro flair to your look this season with our RETRO HO HO HO Tee. With a classic font and stunning colors, it's sure to make any outfit look festive and unique.

Getting The New Holiday Graphic Tees! Christmas Is Here - Preorder!

Whenever you are ready to add some holiday cheer to your wardrobe, Palette of Threads has you covered. You can order today on our website and get your perfect holiday outfit in time for the festive season. With Palette of Threads, you can find something fun, comfortable, and stylish for any occasion throughout the year. So don't delay; order your christmas graphic sweatshirts today!


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