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Lindo Desk Portable Diffuser

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Lindo Desk Portable Diffuser is a rechargeable 3-in-1 diffuser/ humidifier/ night light with USB port perfect for desktop. The diffuser provides a soothing fine mist while the 7 color LED transitions seamlessly between all colors of the rainbow. It's ultra quiet, use with water or add essential oils for a calming scent. Breathe easy as the diffuser helps prevent the harsh effects of dry air and eases common cold-like symptoms or sinus issues, also helps moisturize your skin. *Press the power button for light. And press the mist button once for continuous spray, twice for intemittent spray. *Comes with two cotton sticks filter and one USB cable. Make sure the spring in the inner tube does not fall out. Soak the filter in water 2-3 mins prior to usage. *If it's your fist time using the diffuser, it will take about 20-30 seconds to activate the mist once you turn it on. After the initial usage, next time when you press the power button, the mist will be released right away.